How to talk to the woman of your dreams

How to speak successfully to your dream woman
About the correct usage of this eBook
Take control of your love-life
Do you have trouble knowing what to say when you see an attractive
What you are missing
Take control of your (love-) life
Chapter 1 – The first step
Make a decision
My first step
Your first step: make a decision
Now it is your turn!
Chapter 2 – The second step
Getting into the right frame of mind
Charge up your batteries
Start your engines — dream!
Now it is your turn!
Accept it: happiness is out there, waiting for you to take it
Chapter 3 — the third step
Discover your destructive forces — that which prevents you, to speak to your
dream woman
Like remote controlled forces which steer us
Forces which inhibit us
The nature of a human being: avoid unpleasantness and attain short-term
A favourite formula for unhappiness
Three prevalent forces which steer us
1. Notions
Example: The man in the train
Another false notion
2. Upbringing
“Big boys don’t cry”
Careful, strangers!
3. Background and experiences
Now it is your turn!
Chapter 4 — the fourth step
Programme yourself to be outgoing
Read the technical requirements!
How to delete disagreeable programmes from your hard drive
Pictures tell more than a thousand words
How to re-programme your hard drive
Alternative thought- and behavioural-patterns
Don’t forget the regular updates (conditioning)
Now it is your turn!
Reward yourself
Chapter 5 — the fifth step
Get ready!
How to make a better impression with women
Concept for making a successful impression
View of the product — how suitable are you?
The one-of-a-kind product attribute — your personality
A look at the target group: The dream women
Still another important product attribute
The design — non-verbal communication
Care for your body
Location research (marketing)
Chapter 6 — the sixth step
Let’s go — make contact!
Allow for rejection
Look for test subjects
Ground rules when making contact
Overview: Do’s and don’ts
Chapter 7 — the seventh step
Dealing with disappointment
Don’t take it personally
Feedback — Write to me about your experiences
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